The Chair of Ship Structures deals with the subproject GrundVorm as part of the joint project 3D Vorm (research investigations on the 3D forming process of plates). This joint project is divided in three subprojects depending on the expertise of the project partners:

  • Development of Production Technologies for Complex Plate Forming Processes
    - FertVorm      - Ostseestaal GmbH, Stralsund
  • Investigations on the Material Behaviour for Complex Plate Forming Processes
    - MatVorm       - University of Stralsund, FB Maschinenbau, Werkstoff- und Fertigungstechnik
  • Procedural Basics for Complex Plate Forming Processes
    - GrundVorm   - University of Rostock, Chair of Ship Structures

The main goal of the subproject GrundVorm belongs to the improvement and development of accurate simulation models depending on a methodical approach. The evaluation is based on experimental results delivered in cooperation with the project partners.

see Figure XY

Depending on the complex plate forming process three dominant steps can be defined, I. process stage before roll-forming starts, II. thermal coupled roll-forming process and III. qualitative post-processing for structural components. Within the subproject GrundVorm three objectives can be defined:

  1. Development and Evaluation of Simulation Models for Pre- and Post-Processing of Structural Components in Framework of Complex Forming Processes
  2. Development and Evaluation of Simulation Models for Thermal Coupled Roll-Forming Processes
  3. Construction-Related Development of Pre- and Post-Processing Phases

Prof. Dr. Eng./Hiroshima Univ. Patrick Kaeding

Funded by:
The Ministry of Economics, Construction and Tourism of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Ostseestaal GmbH and Stralsund University of Applied Sciences